Age of Chivalry:

Every October in Las Vegas, Nevada, typically the second weekend of the month, I, along with several other like-minded and creative individuals, participate in the local Age of Chivalry: Renaissance Festival as the “reenactment” guild, Dogs of War.

A rowdy group of fur and leather clad barbarians, representing a wide variety of savages throughout the early eras – from Celts and Vikings to Mongols and Visigoths. We build and maintain our own costumes and campsite to not only partake in the big party, but to participate with patrons and encourage educational conversations in the histories of the groups we represent during festival hours.

With our guild’s connection with the county representatives, members with backgrounds in creative fields have also donated a chunk of time to promote the annual event in the off-season, helping to develop and participating in broadcast and digital marketing campaigns.




Director: Cecil Hughes —
Director of Photography: Ryan Galvan —
Producer: May May Luong —
Editor/Compositor: Cecil Hughes

All other crew courtesy UNLV Flim/Video Program

Featuring members of the following
LV Renaissance Festival Guilds:

House of Stuart Re-enactment Guild
Merchants of the Crimson Watch
Dogs of War — plus extended family


Director: Cecil Hughes —
Directors of Photography: Cecil Hughes & Nolan Miller
Editor/Compositor: Cecil Hughes

3D Artist: Nolan Miller

Featuring members of the following
LV Renaissance Festival Guilds:

Endless Productions
Fairies Guild
Dogs of War — plus extended family

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