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Suffering changes people.

The grief of a son burying his mother after battling a life–taking illness, only days later, receiving a special delivery revealing an intimate connection to one who could have prevented the tragedy — that kind of thing could make one's blood boil.

MONGREL is a vengeful story of family, friendship, self-growth, and self–awareness, on a treacherous path of revelation — with a pinch of the unexpected. A Cowboy-punk, fantasy sci-fi tale, set in the impoverished dirt and the aristocratic sky, of an unexpected, action-packed, earth-shattering homecoming that dances to its own beat.

PRIMARY DETAILS MUST CURRENTLY REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL DUE TO COPYRIGHT SENSITIVITY — but you are welcome to a peek at some development incidentals. 


the story

A world extremely divided between the haves — living amongst the clouds — and the have nots — dwelling low in the disregarded dirt, with death being the only unprejudiced unifier.

Flynt Jessup, 17, has just lost his mother, his last remaining immediate family, to an illness with an extremely expensive cure. Following the funeral, an eviction notice and a mysterious package connected to the identity of his birth father, a man of extreme wealth living in the sky, and ignites a fire of anger, resentment, and vengeance. This revelation propels Flynt and his best friend Erro, his foster brother, to blaze a Cowboy-Punk themed adventure, raging with a punk rock vibes, in search of Flynt’s “old man,” cashing in on his new found inheritance, while searching for answers and retribution.


A 17-year-old “Mama’s Boy” with a wild streak, and a penchant for causing calamity, Flynt Jessup has always been a bit of handful. The volatile-tempered, only-child of Cherar Jessup, Flynt can be as unpredictable as a lightning strike. After an ill-timed prank collapsing the town water tower at 12, he was enrolled into the Fadden Guardian program, a military school in which his temperament and adaptability helped him excel. Upon his return in his final year, Flynt received news of his mother’s accelerated illness and was allowed to return home, and with his mother’s passing was honorably discharged from the program.

With his mother’s passing and dismissal from school — allowing Flynt to account for his life — an eviction notice arrives the same day as a mysterious package containing information leading regarding the identity of his birth father, and ignites a rage needing answers for this no longer mystery man’s lack of responsibilities.

Setting off into the world with his ex-foster brother (but brother nonetheless) Erro Malmsteen, on a raucously, explosive adventure through the wasteland to track down dear-old daddy, and make the bastard pay.



Fostered at the age of 3 by Cherar Jessup, adopted at 6 by Torrance and Evga Malmsteen, Erro never knew his birth parents beyond the stories proclaiming them traitors against the aristocracy during the great uprising.  A natural tinkerer and amateur engineer, Erro makes up the brainy half of the precocious “Brothers Boom” – a title earned by Flynt and Erro due to the trails destructive antics of their early youth.

Brother and confidant, wherever Flynt goes Erro is never far behind. As they embark on the greatest calamity of their lives, one thing is for certain, the Brothers Boom are in it together.

aka – Beatrix “Bee” Itzee 

A drifter with a shady past and questionable future. Beatrix “Bee” Itzee – ex-member of the infamous bandit syndicate, the Patch Cat Squad – is a hardcore badass, who walks it like she talks it. Also known by the pseudonym “The Itzee-Bitzee Bandit” – a title she received due to her petite stature (aprox. 5 ft) paired with her rugged ruthlessness – is a no-nonsense, spitfire with a bombastic personality on a mission.

She seems to be a bit player in the adventures of Flynt and Erro, but as events unravel, unique connections reveal what seemed to be a chance encounter was truly fatalistic.


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