With a message of hope, health, and healing, therapist and principal Clint Banks, LCSW with Headway inSight was in search of a mark and mood to help project their message of community positive communication for individual and collective mental wellness.

Initially wanting to brand this venture using his own name — something of a legally concerning hotbed when plans of becoming a consortium as well as employing other therapists – brought up a number of red flags that had not been considered. To avoid a mountain of issues that could arise down the road, legal or otherwise, we felt it better to pursue a separate name for his company that wouldn't place any immediate strain on his given name. After some lengthy discussion, research & development (R&D), and lots of scribbling and erasing, Headway inSight was born – “Headway” being that it's about the mental condition and the head being where the mind resides, and “insight” implying that the goal is “in sight” by providing “insight.” Get it?!... Yeah, you get it.

With challenge number one in the can, it’s design time!

. r&d | design – building a brighter future
. identity – yellow letterhead-better (the client is a Pearl Jam fan)
. brand suggestion – I want to break free...


art direction

brand suggestion

“We can’t solve problems by

using the same kind of thinking

we used when we created them.”

— albert einstien

r : 196  c : 18
g : 91  m : 76
b : 40  y : 100
#c45b28  k : 5

r : 233  c : 5
g : 123  m : 63
b : 38  y : 98
#7897c4  k : 0

r : 228  c : 5
g : 92  m : 78
b : 37  y : 100
#e45c25  k : 1


design &

Cordial, communicative, and connective – fairly simple constraints, wouldn't you say?!

The English language has many introductory phrases, but none quite as inviting as a simple “Hi,” and with a name like Headway inSight, it’s the most appropriate introduction for every conversation that follows. This quickly became the central point of the graphic treatment.

R&D exploration revealed some interesting findings in the mental health community, mainly odd shaped puzzle pieces, brains, squigglies, or stylized people as iconic depictors. Findings feeling as though most are missing the point mental health counseling: conversation. Speech bubbles are synonymous with conversation… duh!?!?! – yeah, I'm a comic book guy. Taking that beat, pen tooling a shape of a word bubble, pushing and pulling lines and points to morph it into something that felt dimensional – much like the expected conversations – toss in some custom Avenir for good measure, and voilà, a mark is born.

Satisfied with the outcome, yet recognizing the sizing would not work for every application, a decision had to be made in regards to versatility. Suggesting we consider devising a modular system to retain the mark’s integrity, particularly at smaller sizes, as the most responsible route met agreements all around.

Starting with the initial mark, elements were squashed, stretched, dropped and pushed about until we were satisfied with the full package.


identity &


Autumnal color palettes present a vibe of comfort and reflection, fields of negative space for openness, it’s all about presenting a free, open, uncluttered, non-confrontational or judgmental environment. Meanwhile, presenting exploration, freedom, and introspection alongside conversational images — representing both internal and external dialogues necessary for the healing process. Plus, it's a great reason to include coffee cups — with our modern coffee culture, what better icon is there to connect conversation in the real world?! I'm verklempt.


Thrilled with the outcome of his identity package and excited to implement it into every aspect of his prospective business, Clint Banks, LCSW continues to promote his message of conversations for better health and forging communities of support. For more positive, heady goodness, please feel free to visit HeadwayinSight.com


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