Looking to update their professional presence, and not only help increase, but attract a different level of clientele, Sound Ingenuity was in search of a complete makeover.

For a small-footprint, low-voltage electrical installer located in Los Angeles, California, gaining visibility in a highly competitive market can be challenging – no less of a challenge is attracting the kind of clientele that pay their bills. The need to charge up their visual image to truly reflect the craftsmanship and quality of their work, as well as their high-level of professional standards would definitely assist with cutting through the clutter.

With a handful of challenges in the way, it’s down the rabbit hole we go!

. logo rehab – you spin me right round
. apparel – fashion is danger
. website rehab – into the bunny-verse


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logo rehab

Not wanting to stray too far from the established, the main focus lie in two aspects, a type update and to bring the bunny out of it’s hole. 

Trying a handful of typefaces, while keeping in mind popular electronics brands such as SONY and Technics, a decently impactful combination of Eames Modern and Futura did the trick to evoke just the right feel of high-end clean, yet easily approachable. With a layout already determined and type in place, it's time to address the bunny.


the bunny

You are wondering what a bunny has to do with electronics – trust me, there are reasons. For starters, old TV antennas were nicknamed “rabbit ears,” but there is a more personal connection linking the owner and his mother – she being the inspirational push to forge his own path. Her given name was often too difficult for most to say, so she would go by ”Bunny.” She passed away before he finished setting up his Sound Ingenuity, so in her honor, a bunny lives in the logo.

With the bunny in the original logo impossible to identify at smaller sizes, it needed to be coaxed out of its hole to establish a greater presence. Incorporating a much larger bunny head with slightly more subdued radio waves, and the owner's appreciation for the increased emphasis, rehabilitation was now complete — time to dress for success.



Upping their professional style while incorporating more self promotion, a work shirt was high on the request list. Simple, easy to read t-shirt – eventually morphing into a polo – essentially a walking billboard that wouldn’t look like a total mess after a day of rolling around in a filthy crawlspaces.

With a handful of layouts and graphical treatments explored, a winner was found in the layout including logo and phone number front and back – clean and to the point. Feeling quite dapper IRL, developing a suitable online presence steals the focus.



A full clean up and decluttering for this online home required a completely revamped look – interweaving retro flare and modern aesthetics, with a place for everything and everything in its place. Smoothing out the overloaded and frantic “big-box hardware store“ vibe for a sleeker, relaxed, and open environment, like a classic specialized showroom, promoting their focus on the quality and their devotion to products and services provided.

A specially designed services page, featuring a unique rollover animated menu, immediately became an instant favorite feature, while presenting enough information about products and services with style, without getting in its own way.


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